Welcome to Hen Hunt

Looking for a personalised treasure hunt for your event, well you have come to the right place! Here at Hen Hunt we provide a number of treasure hunt options in many UK locations, and even some European popular destinations.

What is included in the treasure hunt…

Location Based questions

Answer questions based on your chosen location, all the answers are easy to find.

Shopping list items

A selection of items that your team must acquire during the hunt for extra points.

Location photo challenges

Complete photo challenges with your team based around your chosen location.

Themed Word Quiz

Bonus points are up for grabs by answering our themed word quiz. Brains on!

Extra photo challenges

Keepsake photo challenges for the team to complete that are not location based.

Extra challenges

Looking to add your own challenge to the hunt, we may be able to include it for you.

How to book your treasure hunt…


Choose the perfect date for the hen party and make sure you invite everyone the hen will want there on the day. Remember we need a bit of time to put your hunt together.


We provide a great selection of locations across the UK and throughout Europe, the first job is to pick one for your hunt, check out our Locations page for more information.

Package Options

Check out our package options and choose the best one for your event. Our events start from £59.99, so even if you’re on a budget we can provide a hunt for you.

Contact Us

Email us and we can get started. Other details you might want to add are: number of people/teams taking part, times and start/finish location if known.


We will send you an invoice for your hunt, this will need to be paid before the hunt is sent out to you. Your hunt will be with you soon and ready for the big day before the ‘big day’.

Why choose Hen Hunt?

  • Personalisation: Here at Hen Hunt we don’t believe in a one-size fits all solution to your treasure hunt needs. Send us information on the hen and photos and we will add personalised questions and photos to the hunt.
  • Flexible: There is no set route for you to follow, the clues are completely random, this means that the teams can set off at the same time, they will always head off in different directions. The hunt lasts for between 1-3 hours, you can start and finish where and when you want, if you want a break in the middle to meet up you can have a break in the middle to meet up.
  • Great Team Activity: Our treasure hunts are a great ice breaker activity. Getting friends from different circles together can be awkward, why not have they getting to know each other and working together in a fun hunt. We suggest that the teams are sized 4 to 8 but this is also very flexible.
  • Locations: We provide treasure hunts in a large number of locations across the UK and throughout Europe, wherever you pick for your night out we probably have a hunt nearby. Why not use our hunt to scope out the local bars and clubs for your ‘big night out’. If you have a location in mind then check out our Locations page for more information if not have a good browse.
  • Suitability: Our treasure hunts are suitable for all ages and abilities, they are designed to have you all over your chosen location, however this is up to the team as to where they want to go. Looking for an alcohol free hunt, that’s not a problem we can do that for you.
  • Experience: You will have a great time trying to complete as many of the questions and photo challenges in the time that you have, there are more questions than time to answer them, so choose wisely where you go. At the end of the event you will have the photos from the photo challenges as a keep

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