Pre 2014

Hen Hunt was created and run by Jo, as an off shoot of corporate hunts that were being run at the time. Seeing the need and potential to grow this area of the corporate business in to a more demanding personalised and booming market for the perfect non corporate fun side. Jo left her full time job behind to work on these hunts, where ever she was, whether it be at home or on the move in the camper, sat in the south of France. Jo ran the website and created the packs for over 5 years.


Legacy building…

After Jo’s unexpected death in early 2014 the business was passed on as her legacy.  Hen Hunt had current bookings that needed to be finished and new booking to be sorted, Hen Hunt is now run by Peter and Anita. all the hard work was in place but picking up a fully running business took a bit of time to get used to, especially under the circumstances and with two full time jobs already between us.


Making it work for us…

By the start of 2015 we had managed to use Hen Hunt to pay for our wedding, becoming Mr and Mrs, Peter and Anita Bond. New locations across the UK have been added to our list of locations and a revamp of the format of the hunts has taken place by the start of August. In October of 2015 Peter made the decision to quit his full time job to focus more on growing Hen Hunt.


Managing the hunts…

Well 2016 started a bit slow, there have been plenty of things going on in the world this year. However we have been busy traveling the length and breadth of the country adding new locations to our portfolio and updating older popular locations. This year we have been looking at our managed hunts starting from £400, and have run some successful events.


New hunter…

2017 saw more of the same, new locations, updating of old locations, lots more travel up and down the country. Oh and 2017 saw the arrival of the newest hen hunter, still in training first crawling then walking then off out taking treasure hunt photos!


Globe trotting…

2018 was a busy year, the blazing summer really helped! New photos were taken for new and existing locations. The first quarter of the year saw me jetting off to Ireland, a hunt in Belfast to update and run and down to Dublin to update, as well as a trip to Barcelona to take photos for the brand new hunt, not that I’m bragging! The second and third quarters were busy too, all over the country.


e-hunt Launch

2019 saw a lot of the same as previous years, traveling across and up an down the country to update and bring new locations for Hen Hunt. 2019 also saw the launch of the Hen Hunt e-hunt programme, now bringing your favourite hunt locations to a tablet near you.


The Future

New exciting e-hunts and new locations coming in 2020…

Hen Hunt is dedicated to the legacy of Jo

1964 – 2014