Planning an 18th Birthday party for a friend or loved one can be a daunting task, how do you keep the guests entertained without excesses of alcohol being consumed? How can you make it truly memorable and personal? Well with one of our personalised DIY 18th Birthday treasure hunts the hard work is done for you and if you don’t fancy running it yourself why not bring in one of our experienced event staff to run your 18th Birthday treasure hunt for you.

Our 18th Birthday treasure hunts are:

  • Written with no fixed routestart and finish where you choose
  • Designed to be 1-3 hours of funstart and finish when you want
  • More clues than time availablehighly competitive
  • Written specifically for your chosen locationa great way to see the sights
  • Personalised at no extra charge with name, photos and tasks
  • Great Value for money…

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Our 18th Birthday treasure hunts comprise:

  • Clues and tasks for your specified area
  • A fun “shopping list” (no money required)
  • A year you where born quiz
  • Fun photo tasks

All you need to supply are your party guests and their cameras…

Why our 18th Birthday treasure hunt is perfect for your party.

If you are looking for an alcohol free or low alcohol 18th Birthday party that will keep the guests entertained and engaged throughout the day, our personalised 18th Birthday treasure hunts are a fabulous fun activity that have been designed to do just that.

A treasure hunt will get your 18th Birthday party off to a flying start, will get guests acquainted and involved and give them something to talk about for the rest of the party and years to come.

As part of a 18th Birthday party, our Treasure hunt is a fun activity that will bring guests together, keep them entertained for 1-3 hours and is designed to produce some fantastic photos and memories of your 18th Birthday party that you will treasure forever.

What do you get in your 18th Birthday party DIY Treasure Hunt Pack …

Your treasure hunt comes as a personalised package containing the clues  and the other tasks (photo challenges, shopping list and year you were born quiz), one pack per team, the answers in a sealed envelope and some suggestions on how to run your 18th Birthday party treasure hunt. 

All you need to supply are your party guests and their cameras.

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More information about our treasure hunts for those of you who dig details.

Our 18th Birthday treasure hunts are written with no fixed route and more clues than time available so teams can choose which areas they want to visit to collect clues, the 18th Birthday treasure hunt is written specifically for your chosen location and will cover all of the major attractions and places of interest that the town or city has to offer and because there is no fixed route start and finish venues can be entirely up to you. If your chosen venue is not already listed on the UK destinations page don’t worry we are adding to our treasure hunt portfolio all the time and we will be happy to discuss the option of a treasure hunt written especially for you, so please ask.

Our 18th Birthday Treasure Hunts are designed to be 1-3 hours of fun so all timings can be at your discretion. There will be questions to answer, tasks to perform and photo assignments to complete, we will also include a fun “year you were born” quiz so there is definitely something for everyone. Teams will need to blag their way into establishments and coerce members of the public in order to get their photos and collect the shopping list items for those all important points, but return late and you’ll lose some of your hard earned points.

Our 18th Birthday Treasure Hunt photo assignments may have you adopting some strange positions and are designed to produce photos you will want to treasure for many years to come. But don’t worry all tasks are suitable for competitors of all ages and abilities, and if you let us know whether there will be children in your party we will add some tasks especially aimed at them.

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