Christmas Hunt 2021...

Now that the  nights are drawing in and the mercury is begining to fall, there’s only one thing on your mind, not where did the summer go, but it will soon be Christmas. As Andy Williams would want to tell us: ‘Its the most wonderful time of the year’! So as the heating waits to be put on, and the radio starts to sneak festive tunes in to your ears, why not think about getting out on our Christmas Hunt?

Planning a Christmas party this year, be it for friends, family or for your small works do, we have the solution for you. Our Christmas hunt is perfect for a fun days activity, a evenings party, small works do, or just for something to do as the season rolls in. We all know how busy town will get, shops packed… Why not make it a bit more fun. Why not have your festive cold December hunt jazzed up a bit with some festive cheer.

What is included in each pack:

  • Front cover, now with a festive decorative twist.
  • Basic instructions page.
  • Location based questions and location based photo challenges
  • Christmas photo challenge section, a selection of festive challenges for the teams to complete, we can still add personalised questions if required.
  • Christmas shopping list, a list of festive themed items for you teams to find and acquire during the hunt.
  • Christmas themed word quiz, get them brains working hard to earn points

What else is included:

  • Instructions sheet on running your event (self managed options).
  • Answers, sealed so the organiser can take part too.

DISCLAIMER: Snow and Christmas cheer is subject to availability. We can not guarantee ether.

Managed Festive Hunt: from £400.

Want a member of our team to come and manage your hunt, get in contact us now. We will do all the hard work, printing the packs, providing the cameras, explaining the rules and setting you off, running the marking session at the end, and providing the prize. All we need from you is number of people, number of teams, a start location (15 min brief) and finish location (45 mins marking) this can be a private room or just a table in a pub, and lastly you need to bring some Christmas cheer!