Congratulations, your best friend has bestowed quite an honour on you asking you to be her Chief Bridesmaid. The Chief Bridesmaid, is traditionally known as the Maid of Honour (if unmarried) or Matron of Honour (if married). The Chief Bridesmaid’s role and importance in the wedding party essentially mirrors that of the best man and she is typically,  the Bride’s elder sister or her best friend.

Before the Wedding day:

The Chief Bridesmaids responsibilities begin long before the wedding day and you’ll be expected to carry out the following duties:

  • Organising the Hen Night – planning the hen do, inviting the hens, ensuring it meets the Bride’s idea of a perfect and special day with her friends which of course in my opinion would not be complete without a hen treasure hunt.
  •  Helping the Bride to choose the Bridesmaid dresses – This is always the Brides decision however the Chief Bridesmaid should avail herself for consultation and support.
  • Helping the Bride choose her wedding dress – and supporting her during the fittings.
  • Attending the Wedding rehearsals (usually held the day before the wedding).
  • Being a shoulder to cry on for the Bride during the wedding planning.

On the Wedding day:

On the wedding day the Chief Bridesmaid’s duties are divided into three parts – those she needs to do on the morning of the wedding day before the ceremony takes place, those tasks she needs to do once the ceremony kicks off, and the tasks she needs to do at the reception. We have split theses down for you below:

1) Before the wedding ceremony:

On the wedding day itself, Bridesmaid, needs to be up early to ensure the Bride has a stress-free beginning to her big day. Her duties include:

  • Running any general errands.
  • ensuring the bride has had something to eat for breakfast and lunch.
  • Liaising with any wedding suppliers who have questions for the bride on the day.
  • Helping her into her dress and pinning on her veil if there’s no hairdresser to do this.
  • Ensuring all Bridesmaids are ready on time with hair and make-up sorted and dresses in place.
  • Looking after and helping to dress the little Bridesmaids and pageboys.
  • Ensuring that each Bridesmaid has the correct bouquet and that none of them get in the way of the Brides preparation.
  • Travelling to the wedding ceremony venue with the other Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride.
  • Helping the Bride out of the wedding car and assisting her with any final adjustments to her dress, hair and veil before she makes her grand entry.
  • Ensuring there is a little drink on hand for the bride should she need a quick pick me up before making that all important journey down the aisle.
  • Making sure you have a bag with you in which to keep any make-up the bride wishes to give you in order that she can many quick touch ups as required.
  • Discretely having some tissues to hand should the Bride need them during the ceremony.
2) During the Wedding ceremony:

Once the wedding has started, it’s showtime for the Bride and time for you to ensure the she looks absolutely perfect for the groom, the guests and of course the all important wedding photographs!

  • Pulling back her veil from over her face if necessary.
  • Plumping out the bride’s train to ensure it looks nice in any photos once she has reached the top of the aisle.
  • Linking arms with the Best Man (you on his left) as you walk back down the aisle when you leave the wedding ceremony.
3) The Wedding reception:

After the wedding itself, it’s up to you to ensure that the Bride continues to have the day of her dreams! Whilst this responsibility can’t lie entirely with you as the Chief Bridesmaid, you can help by performing the following duties:

  • Ensuring the Bride looks fabulous and perfect for the wedding photographs – powdering her face and titivating her dress as necessary.
  • Checking with the Bride regularly that everything is OK and she’s having a fantastic time.
  • Making a toast to the Bride and Groom after the Best Man’s speech.
  • Hitting the dancefloor once the first dance is over and getting everyone else up and dancing too.
  • Circulating a guest book if she has one, and ensuring everyone signs it.
  • Decorating the bride and groom’s car or honeymoon suite – you could fill it with champagne, rose petals or love hearts!
  • Helping the Bride get ready to go away on her honeymoon and looking after her dress whilst she’s gone.

I hope you have found this information useful. Now back to the Hen Party planning part of your duties, ordering a personalised Hen treasure hunt for your daytime activity should be the first thing you do. Just look at this feedback.