FROM £400

Want us to come along to your hunt, make sure that the day is running smoothly. We can provide a briefing before you set of on your hunt, as well as a group marking season at the end. Also available are digital cameras for use with your hunt. As with the printed option all packs came in a bound holder on pink paper, other colour options are available. For your event to be fully managed by a member of our team please contact us for pricing in your chosen location.

What we need from you before the event:

  • Photos of the hen: You will be asked to provide photos of the hen, this will be used, as with all the options, for the front cover and within the pack as headers and footers.
  • Information on the hen: Providing us with some information on their likes and interests will help us fully customise their hunt, we will use this to give the hunt some personalised photo challenges.
  • The Locations for the hunt: Firstly we need to know where you want the hunt to take place, but then as we approach the hunt date we need to know where we are going to do the briefing (this will take up to 15 minutes and can be held indoors or even outdoors in an open space like a park area), and where we are going to be marking (taking 30 – 40 minutes). Let us know if your planning food after as that might help with marking. If you need help we may be able to suggest a venue depending on the location, and can always check to make sure a venue is suitable.
  • Payment: Sorry to bring it up but the event does need to be paid for. A deposit of £100 to hold the date, and the remaining balance at least 2 weeks before the event.
  • Contact for the day: A mobile number for the day, we will let you know when we arrive.
  • A response to any other queries: We may have a few extra details that we need or a few questions for you to answer before the event.

What you get from us before the event:

  • Contact information: You will receive contact information for the day for your event manager. Let them know if you are running late.
  • A response to any other queries: You may have a few extra details that you need to add or a few questions you need answering before the event, we will be there to answer any queries you may have.
  • A Plan: We will provide you with all the information you need for the day, where we are meeting and at what time. With this will be an overview of the event.

At the start of the hunt:

  • Event manager: The event manager will be there to meet you and brief the event. The event manager will have all the required equipment for the hunt and set you on your way, this will take around 15 minutes.
  • Personalised treasure hunt packs: Each one of our hunts is personalised to your group, the front cover has your photo, name and event location, as well as photos and personalised questions inside. Each team receives a copy of the hunt in a folder printed on 120g pink paper, other colours are available, making it easy to separate and still write your answers.
    Camera: One camera per team for taking all these photo challenge photos, and as many more photos as you like.
    Shopping list items bag: Each team receive their hunt in a zip locked bag that doubles as storage for your shopping list items during the hunt.
    Pen: Who could forget the trusty pen? Well you don’t have to worry about scratching your answers into the sheet now.

During the hunt:

  • Event Manager: The event manager will be on hand if needed, their contact information will be on each of the packs. The event manager will also be out trying to take some team photos, although it is quite often hard to find teams once they are on their way.

Marking session:

  • Event Manager: The event manager will be waiting at the end location and will provide the answers in the marking session. Making sure that team are not cheating and that the points are being added up!
  • Prize: We provide the prize for the winning team. This is usually a bottle of champagne, but other prizes can be presented as a replacement.

After the event:

  • Photos: All the photos from the event that you have taken on the cameras are sent to you to enjoy. They are then yours to do with them what you want. Now you have some fantastic memories of your event.