Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my hunt cost?

There are a number of package options, hunts start at £59.99 for the self printed option, this gives you the freedom to print your own packs, as many as you want. Printed packs start at £99.99 for two packs and £24.99 per extra pack. There are other options but these are currently our most popular, for more information use the ‘Package Options’ tab.

How flexible is the hunt?

The hunts are location specific in that they are for that city, town, village, or venue. Other than that there is total freedom, the clues in the hunt are random, so you can start and finish the hunt at any location. We suggest meeting back in a pub for a group marking, it’s always best with a few drinks.

In terms of time we suggest 1-3 hours for the hunt and it will take around 30-40 minutes for the marking, longer if you all disagree.

What is included in the hunt?

The hunt consists of:

  • Personalised front cover: send us your photo for the cover, we will include your name and date of the hunt.
  • Location specific hunt: the main event, random clues for your chosen location.
  • Photo Challenge: non specific location based photo challenges, a bit of fun for your memories.
  • Word quiz: for hen parties we have a big day anagram, for other events we have other word quizzes available,

Also in the pack:

  • Answers sheets: if it’s printed we will seal the answers in an envelope so that everyone can join in.
  • Running instructions: how to run your perfect event.

What can you add to the hunt for me?

All the hunts can be personalised free of charge, have your photo on the front cover of the hunt, names and date of the event. We can also add your photos in to the hunt, see the examples page.

We can also add any challenges in to the hunt that you want, so long as they are safe and legal! Examples of challenges we have been asked for before are:

  • Meet up points throughout the hunt at a set location and time.
  • Post card challenge; find the tackiest post card you can and send it to the bride for her when she gets home.
  • Set £5 limit to buy an outfit to be worn to the marking session.
  • For £5 or under buy an item that sums up the bride.

What would the best group size be?

We suggest that the group sizes are between 4 up to 8. Depending on your group size. If there are 20 of you and want to do the hunt in two groups then that isn’t a problem, it just a case of how many people can you get round a hunt pack.

What’s the best way to send photos to add to the hunt?

We receive the photos best when they are as an attachment to an email. When sending they are best at full size so that we are able to stretch them for the front page. Most picture files are accepted, if we have a problem we will let you know.

The location I’m looking at is not on your list, can you do it?

Yes, providing that there is enough time we are able to provide a new location for you, there may be an extra charge for the collection of the clues, this will be based on the location. If the place you are after is not on the list please email to ask, we have a wide range of locations so if it is not possible to do that location we may be able to suggest local alternatives.

How do I get in contact?

This one is easy! For more information or if you have made your mind up contact us on

Can I plan a surprise hunt for a psychic?

Ok so this one’s not frequently asked, YET!