Description of Location

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About the hunt…

No fixed route: You are free to start and finish where you like.

Designed to last between 1 and 3 hours: You choose the length of the hunt.

More clues than time available: Highly competitive.

Written for this location: Great way to see the sights.

Personalised at no extra charge: Add name, tasks and photos.

Great value for money: Prices start from £59.99.

What’s included in the hunts:

Alcohol free hunts:

Looking for your hunt to be alcohol free, that’s not a problem, just let us know and we will be willing to build a bar and pub free hunt for your occasion. Looking to do a hunt with a youth group then we can do that for you too. We have made hunts for school days out, University fresher’s weeks, Scout groups and other youth groups.

Package options:

Ready Printed Hen Hunts
Ready Printed Hen Hunts

FROM £99.99

Self Printed (PDF) Hen Hunts
Self Printed (PDF) Hen Hunts

ONLY £59.99*

Event Managed Printed Events
Event Managed Printed Events

FROM £400


Email for prices.

Link to Event managed

Looking for other events:

Although this is hen hunt we can provide hunts for other events, below is a list of other events we can provide:

I want to know more…

If you would like more information on our hen hunts then please feel free to contact us using the link below. We are here to answer any questions you might have. If you have decided on the hunt options for you then you can email to book.

Some of the information you might want to include in your enquiry or booking are the location, group size, dates that you are wishing to do the hunt, and the type of pack you wish to have, don’t worry if you haven’t got all the information at this time, anything you give will help us with your hunt.

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