Christmas Hunt

As the nights draw in and the mercury begins to fall, there’s only one thing on your mind, not where did the summer go, but it will soon be Christmas. As Andy Williams would want to tell us: ‘Its the most wonderful time of the year’! So as the heating waits to be put on, and the radio starts to sneak festive tunes in to your ears, why not think about getting out on our Christmas Hunt?

Planning a Christmas party this year, be it for friends, family or for your small works do, we have the solution for you. Our Christmas hunt is perfect for a fun days activity, a evenings party, small works do, or just for something to do as the season rolls in. We all know how busy town will get, shops packed… Why not make it a bit more fun. Why not have your festive cold December hunt jazzed up a bit with some festive cheer.

Christmas Hunt with Santa

People planning a Christmas party will probably be thinking of a meal and a few drinks and possibly a disco or dancing afterwards, but don’t you get bored with the same old thing year in year out? Why not spice it up a bit by including a treasure hunt in your Christmas party planning. Our party treasure hunts are totally flexible allowing you to control the timings, you simply tell your teams what time they have to be at the finish location and it’s up to them to get there, we will make sure there are more than enough clues to fill a three hour slot, but if you only want to allow one or two hours this will just make this highly competitive event it even more competitive. If teams are late back they will lose valuable points, this is to ensure that your treasure hunt doesn’t over run and your event runs smoothly. Organising a treasure hunt for your Christmas party is easy there is very little work for you to do, just tell us where you want it, pay the money and leave the rest up to us.

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