This Hen party game comes as part of the hen hunt and our Hen shopping list is all about using you charm and charisma to acquire certain items whilst out on the hunt. You do not need any money to complete the list, it will be down to your interpretation of what you think you can get away with (legally of course). The shopping list will require hens to think laterally as well as literally as some of the items will have more than one interpretation. This creates plenty of fun and banter during the marking session as you argue it out amongst yourselves to get your items accepted.

Is your hen party game for a laugh?

Do they have what it takes to bring a man back to the marking session? Can they charm a barman into giving them a receipt for drinks they have not had or will you have to actually buy the specified drinks? Do they know what a French letter is? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to take the challenge and play this fun hen party game!

Our Hen shopping list, party game is only a small part of a great treasure hunt package which is designed to last 1-3 hours and will get your hen do off to a flying start, so if this were a real Hen shopping list the first item would surely be “Order a Hen treasure hunt for our Hen party weekend”.