Lockdown has put a stop to our plans over the past few months and who knows how long it will be before we are able to ‘go back to normal’. With wedding on hold and hen parties and stag do’s in limo we at Hen Hunt have come up with a few ideas on how to host your lockdown hen party…

Firstly we know it might not be what you had planned or imagined, we know it’s not how we saw our year going, having had one of the busiest starts to a year grind to a sudden halt, but on the positive side ore people, surely, are available to attend and from the comfort of your soft! Also the pressures should be lower as no one is expecting the world from you here (hopefully).

Secondly, if the wedding has been delayed, then hopefully there will be time in the future to have that amazing hen party you had planned, two hen parties, win! And of course, when you do get out for that one, don’t forget that a hunt from Hen Hunt is a great way to go, if we didn’t say so ourselves.

Hen Message Book:

Get the hen party to send photos of themselves with the hen along with captions, quotes, funny stories to the hen. Set up the event with the hens and arrange a time or day to send their messages to the hen, make it her day.


Get the photos and messages sent to you, have it all put together in a book to gift to the hen, handmake it if you have the time and artistic bug.

Video Call Hen Party:

Set up and video call hen party using Zoom, House Party, Skype, or even Facetime, whichever suits your party best. Have a bit of a plan of how the call is going to go and think about what you can do.

Set up:

  • Choose the date and time.
  • Agree on a platform to use.
  • Decide what you will be doing.
  • Send out invitations.
  • Agree what will be needed, are we all drinking, dressing up…

Hampers or shopping lists:

Maybe send out a hen party hammer with some essentials for your event, small bottle of prosecco, photo booth props, sashes and badges, dress up and personalised items, make sure that the hen feels you have made the effort.


Set out a shopping list for the hens to find the items that may be needed, so everyone is drinking the same wine etc… Make sure you don’t make it too specific or ridicule Jenny because she didn’t manage to find something, its all fun.

Hen Games:

 A lot of hen party games can still be played via video call.

  • Mr and Mrs: Remember to get the answers from the groom.
  • Never Have I Ever.
  • Photo booth, play about with filters or use props.

There is still fun to be had even if we can’t do face-to-face.

Shared Playlist:

Build a playlist on Spotify or another sharing service, let the other hens add to it for the party. You can then all have the same music playing at the same time, rather then relaying on it playing in the background of one persons call, or you can sing along, and pick a song each as you go.

Movie Night:

Find a movie that is on TV, or streaming service for everyone to watch together, crack open the bottle of wine and watch with the camera on. If someone needs to take a break you will have to sync your pause and play.

Taster Event:

Agree on snacks and drinks to try, make sure that you all have the same and make your way through them, reviewing as you go. He more creative of you might look at putting together a taste review card.

Challenge Task:

Task the group with a number of challenges to do at home, baking, making basic crafts, have a look at Task Master on Dave for some other silly tasks to complete. The hen can take part or can be the judge. Here are a few ideas:

  • Cupcake decoration.
  • Creative writing in 10 minutes.
  • Toilet roll wedding dress.
  • Make a miniature groom.
  • Best cocktail.
  • Best ’how we meet’ story.

Just Wait:

We know that sometime it just isn’t possible to do something, and no one is going to get upset with you if you have to wait it out to see what happens. You need to do what is right for you and make sure that the people you care about are safe.

Looking for other lockdown ideas:

Completed that DIY you had been putting off (That pink wall is a bit out there), or played all the old board games (All these games and we only have one dice in the whole house), watched all the films (even the black and white ones from the old days) well we are sure that there is still something you can do:

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