Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is there a difference?

Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is there a difference?

Treasure hunt or Scavenger hunt? I have heard some people say that the difference is simply one of language and that people from the U.S for example will use the term scavenger hunt whilst those from the UK and Europe will use the term treasure hunt.  This is not strictly true, as they are really, two different types of hunt as I will try to explain below.

What is a treasure hunt?

The definition of a treasure hunt, is a game where players, usually in teams, hunt for the treasure. This may be by following clues, and there may be challenges to undertake along the way. Ultimately they will find the treasure, and if the game has been organised as a race then the first team to get to the treasure will be the winners.

What is a scavenger hunt?

Whereas the definition of a scavenger hunt is where players will hunt for items on a list. They must ‘scavenge’ for the items and the team that scavenges the most items on the list wins the game.

So what is a Hen hunt? I hear you ask, is it a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt?

Well our Hen hunt incorporates both, a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt.

Our Hen hunt treasure hunt differs slightly from the definition above. In our treasure hunt there is no physical treasure to be found at the end, as the hunt is full of treasure throughout and the team that discovers the most treasure will be the winners. Let me explain our treasure hunts contain two types of treasure and our treasures are hidden in plain site within in the architecture, structure or art of the town, but don’t be fooled into thinking they will be easy to spot; locals walk past many of our treasures everyday and may not have ever noticed them. However with a keen eye and good observation skills, you will discover the answers hidden within these treasures and these answers will score you points. Our second treasure is the form of the photographs that you will take throughout your hunt in order to fulfil the photo tasks that we have set you. Not only are these photos worth points, you get to keep them after the hunt and treasure them forever.

All our Hen hunt treasure hunt packages also incorporate a scavenger hunt and we call the scavenger hunt part of our game the “shopping list” although no money is usually required. The items on the list can be acquired by any legal means, for example bartering, asking nicely, or just plain finding. Each item on the scavenger or shopping list is worth points which are added into the team’s total, and as the items are worth twenty points each the scavenger hunt is an important part of the game and not to be taken lightly if your team intends to win.