Turning 18 is a special occasion. Many of us choose to have an 18th birthday party to celebrate this milestone birthday which signifies your passage into adulthood. “No matter what you do you should realize that the 18th birthday is highly important and should be treated with respect and whatever you plan should be a personal and fun event for everyone involved.”

A treasure is an inclusive activity which gets everyone involved from the outset, and all of our treasure hunts come as personalized packages.

18th Birthday Party Planning.

Are you planning an 18th Birthday party, if so, how are you planning to entertain your guests? You should consider one of our a Party treasure hunts for your 18th Birthday party entertainment. As the Party treasure hunt specialists, Hen hunt has Birthday treasure hunts in locations throughout the UK, making them the perfect 18th Birthday party idea.

Get the experts in.

We are the party treasure hunt specialists so if you are planning a treasure hunt for an 18th Birthday Party forget the rest and use the best. We have been doing this for a long time now and we know how to get the party started, so contact us now and let us make your 18th Birthday party one to remember for all the right reasons.

Reasons to choose a Hen hunt treasure hunt for your 18th Birthday party…

There are lots of reasons why you should choose a treasure hunt from Hen hunt for your 18th Birthday party including:

  • Great locations – we have over 100 treasure hunts prepared throughout the UK so there is sure to be one close to you, perfect for your 18th Birthday party.
  • Fun – treasure hunts are fun, especially ours as they are written for parties.
  • Get your parents to pay – your parents are more likely to contribute to the cost of a treasure hunt than a trip to the pub for your 18th Birthday party.

Our treasure hunts include:

  • Questions about your specified area
  • A “shopping list” (no money necessary)
  • A year you were born quiz
  • Fabulously fun and creative photo tasks

All you need to supply are the  guests and their cameras…