Need 50th birthday party ideas? … The big 50 is nearly upon the last of the baby boomers and they will be celebrating their 50th birthdays this year and next. If you need some 50th Birthday party ideas read on.

As we celebrate our 50th Birthday we remember when…

There were no mobile phones, no internet, no email and business was conducted by letter. Maybe you knew someone who had a house telephone, there was only one car per family and that was if you were lucky, the TV programs switched off at midnight and there were only 3 channels to choose from. We remember milk being delivered to the door by the milkman and dustbin men carried your dustbin to the lorry to empty it. We also remember advent of the digital age with LED watches, the first pocket calculators, the BBC Basic and ZX81 computers all coming in as we were getting ready to leave school.

Who are the Baby Boomers?

Baby boomers is the name given to those born between 1946 and 1964, the last few years being the height of the boom. 1963 & 1964 were bumper years for schools necessitating large classes. With 50% more children than the year prior, education was stretched and some schools had as many as 47 pupils in primary classes. Extra classrooms had to be found and many schools resorted to Terrapin buildings to house the extra students. As these high numbers of students reached education the bigger class numbers restricted the options schools were able to offer.

50th Birthday parties for the last of the baby boomers.

2013 and 2014 will see many 50th birthday parties and many school reunions. Parties and events for 50th birthdays will be both big and small events around the country. But how will the last of the baby boomers be celebrating this milestone birthday.

50th Birthday party ideas…

50th Birthday party ideas will range from small family parties to full-blown European party weekends, with many 50th birthday party ideas to choose from.

Treasure hunts are popular for 50th Birthday parties…

Treasure hunts are one of the most popular 50th Birthday party ideas, this is because treasure hunts are a great way to entertain a group of people   with mixed ages and interests. Our 50th Birthday treasure hunts are fun and competitive and can be customized to suit your party’s needs. As part of our free personalizing service we can incorporate photos through the years from baby right up to their 50th Birthday. We also include a scavenger hunt element to our treasure hunts in the form of a shopping list and we also include a memory quiz with memorable events from your/their past. You can pick a year, year of birth, or other memorable years such as 1980 the year of your O Levels or GCSE’s, the year of first jobs or going onto A Levels, 1982 the year of going to University and 18th birthday parties’ maybe your first drink (or maybe not). 1985 the year of ‘coming of age’ and the 21st birthday parties. 2004 was the first big milestone with the 40th birthday party and maybe the mid life crisis.

A treasure hunt is a great outdoor party idea which will bring everyone together for a great time. You can finish your event in a bar or restaurant and enjoy the banter of the group marking session. So put our treasure hunt at the top of your list of 50th birthday party ideas and we will make sure you have plenty of memories and photos to cherish for years to come.
If you want a treasure hunt as part of you 50th Birthday party celebrations contact Hen hunt the party treasure hunt specialist now.