Looking for some great ideas or some inspiration for throwing an awesome hen party, we have listed some of the most popular results for you. We have even suggested whys to spice up each of these activities. Don’t forget that every hen party can be improved with the inclusion of a Hen Hunt! (if your not happy with our little self plug there, I would suggest not scrolling to the bottom of the page).

Afternoon Tea…

Cucumber sandwiches anyone?

They say that the classics are the best! They might be right, organise the group to visit for afternoon tea, why not book out the local tea room for that extra experience. As you may have noticed not everyone in the group knows each other, and what’s better then a sit down and some tiny sandwiches to kick things off. Your afternoon tea can be a main event or a filler between the crazy you have planned, either way it’s one of the most relaxing hen party idea, no arguments here, unless you put the cream and the jam in the wrong order!

  • Fits to your schedule – fit it to your timescale.
  • Easy to organise – find the right tea rooms and the work is done.
  • No limit on the group – everyone will be up for this (just remember dietary requirements).
  • Any time, any place – available wherever you hold your event and perfect all year round.

Make it more: organise a picnic n the park, everyone dresses up and brings blankets.

Spa Day…

Relax and soak

Treat yourselves and the hen to a make over day. Book in to a spa and get a bit of pampering. Their are plenty of spas out their for you to visit and they are always having some fantastic offers. Treatments can last from an hour up to a weekend spa break, get a massage, use the steam rooms, go in the pool and have the hot rocks. As a main idea or as part of a longer day this is perfect.

  • Fits to your schedule– book the time slots you want.
  • Easy to find great deals online – there are plenty out there.
  • No limit on the group – perfect for all ages, take the whole party.

Make it more: book in to a hotel with use of the spa facilities and pool and have a relaxing weekend hen party. I’m sure the hotel has a bar for the evenings entertainment.

Night on the town…

Paint the town red

Get all the girls together dressed to impress and hit the town. They won’t see you coming. This can be the big event or as the perfect end to the day, make sure you don’t book anything in too early the next morning. Where ever you choose to hold your party there will be a place to drink. What sort of night will it be though: wild clubs and bars, a pub crawl, maybe something a bit more classy, or a country local, it’s up to you.

  • Fits with your schedule – end of the day, middle of the day or just as it is.
  • Easy to organise – set the meet time and location, round them up as you go.
  • No limit on the group size – the more the merrier, or rowdier.
  • Any location – easy to fit around other events or local if needed.

Make it more: got a good group? Why not book the VIP treatment. Sit high and merry on your sofas behind the red barriers.

Cocktail Making…

Mix it up

Make your own cocktails, this can be a self run event, you just need some buzz, easy, some glasses, a cocktail book, and a paper umbrella. or better yet get someone in to run a session for you!

  • Fits with your schedule – self run or book a session.
  • Easy to organise – There are a lot of options out there on the internet.
  • No limit on the group size – get the whole group involved, one for all ages and abilities.
  • Any location – easy to fit around other events or local if needed.

Make it more: make sure you have all the straws, decorations, umbrellas and fancy glasses to make it a real event.

Escape Room…

Got to get out of here!

A growing tread for parties, with escape rooms springing up all over the country, why not see if your party is up for the challenge of the escape room experience. don’t forget to invite the brainy puzzle solvers.

  • Fits with your schedule – book a time that is best for you.
  • Easy to find great deals online – check deal websites to see if there is anything in your area.
  • No limit on the group size – the more the merrier, and the better the chances of getting out ‘alive’.

Make it more: Challenge the team by going for a harder room to crack, or split the team up to tackle different rooms and make it a competition.

Treasure Hunt…

That’s what we are looking for!

henhunt photo challange completed!

Well we couldn’t have this list without mentioning ourselves! Make sure that you leave time in your busy schedule for your treasure hunt. We will have you all over your chosen location collecting clues, and taking photos for your memories.

  • Fits with your schedule – You set the time scale, when you want, for as long as you want.
  • Easy to organise – Contact us to find out more information on organising your hunt.
  • No limit on the group size – one for the whole group, any age and ability welcome.
  • Any time, any place – available in most places across the UK and in some major European cities, can’t find the location your after, give us a try.

Make it more: Contact us today to find out how to make the most out of your event with one of our treasure hunts…