A hen party dares list is already built into our hen party treasure hunts, we have a number of items for you to collect and some daring photo assignments to complete. If you would like to add some dares of your own to our hen party dares list no problem just send us your hen party dares list and we will add them in for you.

Why do we include a hen party dares list?

Hen party dares are great icebreakers. Often on a hen party whilst everyone will of course know the hen they may not all know each other, by working together to complete our hen party dares list they will soon get acquainted. Don’t worry though are hen party dares list is not sleazy or distasteful and we won’t be asking you to snog strangers. Rest assured you can safely bring the future mother-in-law on your hen party treasure hunt if you want to.

What’s on our hen party dares list?

I don’t want to give the game away but to give you a better idea of what I am talking about I will share with you a couple of examples of each of our two types of hen party dares.

The Hen party dares photo assignments.

These create great photos for you to cherish for the years to come.
Some of the photos on our hen party dares list require the whole team in the photo, so part of the challenge is to find a willing volunteer to take your photo for you. Other hen party dares involve getting non team members to join you in your photo. For example take a photo of all of your team plus two non-team members in a phone-box.

Hen party dares list – Hen shopping list

This is a list of items you need to bring back to the marking session with you, some are a challenge and others are dares although as I said before, we won’t ask you to do anything distasteful or sleazy and of course you don’t have to do them if you don’t want to.

You won’t need any money to complete the list either, it will be down to your interpretation of what you think you can get away with (legally of course).

These hen party dares form part of our hen party treasure hunt package and are all included in the price, so what are you waiting for order your hen party treasure hunt today.