Hen party planning is important because a great hen party doesn’t just happen! A great hen party requires careful planning and preparation and with Hen parties getting bigger and better all the time and Hen weekends fast becoming the norm for a pre-wedding girls celebration careful planning has never been more important. Nowadays with the right combination of well-planned and organised events the girls are often having a better time than the guys and so they should.

Hen Weekend activities…

If you’re looking for a great daytime activity for your hen weekend, we recommend a hen treasure hunt from hen Hunt the party treasure hunt specialists. The hen party used to be a small gathering of friends at home but now hen parties are big nights out or weekends away, with fancy dress, party games, cocktails and even male strippers and a treasure hunt is a great way to break the ice and get the hen party into full swing! But if you don’t want to peak too early and burn yourselves out before the evening then it may be best to plan a fun alcohol free (or limited alcohol) event for the daytime, and for this reason a personalised treasure hunt is the perfect activity for.

Why Hen Weekend Planning is important.

As experience event managers we will tell you that there’s nothing more important than careful planning and organisation, and when your best friend is only going to have one hen party, good preparation is essential, so make sure you book your treasure hunt in plenty of time so we can personalise it for her, to make it extra special.

Your Hen Party Planning Checklist…

When planning a hen party the first thing to do is create a countdown calendar and mark off key dates, such as when you need to make a decision on activities, restaurants and bars and of course ordering you personalised hen treasure hunt! We have listed here some of the decisions you will need to make in order to ensure your Hen party is a success.

  • Who will be coming, what are their ages and interests?
  • Will it be a hen night, or hen party weekend?
  • Where will you go for your hen party, hen weekend?  Have you considered Europe? With budget flights and accommodation available it might not be as expensive as you think.
  • Will you need accommodation, if so what type of accommodation will best cater for your needs, a hotel, or hostel, a cottage or house for your exclusive use?
  • What activities would suit your group?
  • Do you want a quiet affair or something more outrageous? Will you be booking a male stripper?
  • Will you want to finish the night off in a club? Do they have a VIP list if so get you party on it.
  • Have you considered a treasure hunt for the daytime activity? If not why not?

Planning Hen Party Activities…

Wherever you are organising your hen party it’s important to arrange an event that everyone will find fun, not just you. We’ve heard of several disastrous hen weekends that seem to have been planned without considering what the bride might want, believe it or not learning to Pole Dance is not everyone’s cup of tea! A hen party treasure hunt however is the perfect group activity, which keeps everyone engaged and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Here are some more tips for organising a great hen do whatever your chosen location.

  1. Keep the alcohol under control: Many hen nights have been ruined by the bride getting too drunk too early, and collapsing in the corner. A treasure hunt is a great way to keep you occupied during the daytime keeping you away from the booze till later. It’s also a great way to see the town or city you are staying in and maybe discover a few interesting bars for later.
  2. Have a plan for the whole weekend: Starting with daytime activities then, the evening’s entertainment, where will you go, how will you get there. It’s easy to assume that you’ll start at a bar, and then “find a club” – but this could result in you wandering aimlessly around town. Plan things down to the last detail but allow for some flexibility in-case things overrun. Our DIY treasure hunts offer a great amount of flexibility as you can start and finish anywhere and adjust you timings to either fill more time. If you are running late due to travel delays or other unforeseen circumstances simply shorten the amount of time you allow for the treasure hunt to get you party back on schedule so you don’t miss your dinner reservations.
  3. Traveling away, keep it safe: If you want to be a bit naughty or outrageous, it may be best to travel away from your home-town for your hen party weekend, after all you don’t want to bump into your Mums best friend, your old headmistress or colleagues from work as you stagger along the street!   Our treasure hunts are available in over 100 UK locations and we have several European destinations catered for as well.