Looking for reasons to book one of our treasure hunts, well there are loads of reasons to do it, litraly hundrends. We have narrowed down the top 10 reasons to pick us, it was hard to get down to 10, I know, but we got there! Here is our list of the top 10 reasons to choose a hen hunt:


Safe Fun

Hen treasure hunts are one of the safer hen party activities on offer; in fact it is no more risky than going shopping with the girls, but way more fun!


Alcohol Free Options

Our hen treasure hunts can be written to include or exclude alcohol, so if you are looking for a  fun, alcohol free event, hen hunts are for you!



Start and finish your hen hunt  where you want and when you want; few other hen activities offer this amount of flexibility!



With questions to answer, photo assignments to achieve, a hen word quiz and hen shopping list the hen hunt  will ensure there is something for everyone in your hen party!


Great Value

Costs are low; on average less than £10 per head, not many hen activities can offer you such great value for money!



Hen hunts are good clean fun so no need to worry about your mum or colleagues seeing the photos or even joining in!



You don’t need to be co-ordinated or fit to do this, so no risk of anyone feeling awkward, out of place or left out, everyone is included!



See more of the city than the inside of a venue, get out and about and discover some of the hidden treasures even the locals don’t know about!


Memorable Photos

hen hunts are designed to help you capture some fantastic images that you will treasure forever!



Well almost, we currently offer a wide variety of UK based location as well as a few European hen destinations and the list is growing all the time. Please see the destinations pages for details.

Now that you have seen the top 10 reasons to book with hen hunt, what are you waiting for? for more information on booking please usethe link below: