Want to know what is included within your hunt? These samples are here to help you decide that a hunt from Hen Hunt is the right choice for your occasion. Below is a breakdown of what to expect in your pack.

Front Cover

Lets kick it off with a personalised front cover. Basic information on the cover includes the name of the person the hunt is for (i.e. the name of the Hen, Stag, Birthday Boy or Girl), the location and year of the hunt. Other details can be added on request. The front cover also includes the all important headshot photo. Here are just a sample of the types of front covers for various events.

Introduction Page

The boring but important bit! Outlining the instructions for taking part in the hunt, as well as the scoring system, and meeting location and time for the marking of the hunt.

Each page comes with personalised information in the top corner, and plenty of photos.

Hunt Location

The main part of the hunt is location based questions and photo challenges. This section is usually 6-7 pages long, but may vary depending on your chosen location.

Photo Challenges

Non location specific photo challenges for the team to complete. Not only do you get points for the photos but you will have the memories to keep.

Additional Challenges

Optional extras!

We aim to make your hunt fully personalised, so if you have your own challenges and ideas that you would like to include in the hunt, let us know and we may be able to include them for you. This could include:

  • Being picked up by 10 strangers.
  • Post card challenge.
  • Drinking challenges.
  • Stop offs and meeting places during the hunt.

Shopping List

A list of items for your team to collect during the hunt. This list can be personalised to suit the event. Remember you can buy these items, beg for them, borrow them, please don’t steal them.

Word Quiz

Collecting extra points for the team, this one is for the brainy members of the team!

Other word quizzes are available depending on the type of hunt, so dont worry stags.