Sample Hunts

These samples are here to help you decide that a hunt from Hen Hunt is the right choice for your occasion, Below I have examples of front covers from different types of hunts. By clicking on the front cover of the larger pack you can see what the insides of the packs will look like, remember these are just the examples of the questions in the hunt. The examples will open as PDF files so please be patient whilst it loads.

Hen Hunt:

Hannah Gemma 1 Jo

Click here to see the henhunt example.

Stag Hunt:


Other hunt Events:

Andrea Christmas Johno

More about the hunts:

The main location part of the hunt is usually 7-9 pages long and the photo challenges are usually 2 pages long. A printed pack will come on coloured think paper.

If you came here for inspiration to write your own treasure hunt be my guest, but please bear in mind that we do this for a living and we put at least two days work into each of the hunts, so unless you have that much time to spare you might consider buying a professionally created ready to go treasure hunt from Hen Hunt.

To see full details of what can be found in the hunt, and what is included as well please click here to visit the What’s in the Pack? Page.

More information…

If your happy with the samples and want to go ahead and order your pack, or you still have some questions, then please feel free to contact us on, or click the link below.

Front Cover

Each pack comes with the front cover, personalised to your event.
Includes: Location, Date, Name of the Hen and Hens Photo

Introduction Page

Welcome to your hunt. This page has all the rules, how to’s and the all important points on it.

Introduction Page

Hunt Location

The main part of the hunt is location based questions and photo challenges. This section is usually 6-7 pages long, but may vary depending on your chosen location.

Hunt Location

Photo Challenges

Non location specific photo challenges for the team to complete. Not only do you get points for the photos but you will have the memories to keep.

Photo Challenges

Shopping List

This page contains a list of items for your team to collect during the hunt. This list can be personalised to suit the hen.

Shopping List

Word Quiz

One for the more brainy amongst you. Can you crack the word quiz to earn extra points…

Word Quiz

Additional Challenges

Have your own challenges and ideas that you would like to include in the hunt? Let us know and we may be able to include them for you.