Looking to go out for a meal in Newcastle to mark an anniversary, there is always something you can do before to get to know the city better. Don’t forget that the photos from the photo challenges will be worth keeping. Let us know what anniversary it is and some information and we will build that in to the hunt. We will also include photos that you wish to have included, A nice one for the front cover, and some for the page headers to make the treasure hunt truly personal.

We can provide year based quiz questions instead of a word quiz, this is up to you, just let us know what you would prefer.

Birthday Party

Celebrating the big day in style! We provide birthday treasure hunts for all ages. We will personalise the hunt for your event, let us know about the birthday boy/girl and we will build questions relating to their interests in to the hunt FREE OF CHARGE! Photos are a great way to personalise a treasure hunt, so make sure you send us some great photos, maybe something a bit embarrassing, for us to put on the front cover and in the page headings of the treasure hunt.

We can provide year based quiz questions instead of a word quiz, this is up to you, just let us know what you would prefer. Born in 1965, you will have to answer questions on that year!

Marking one of the big years? We have some fantastic challenges available so you can remember the big day for years to come, the photo challenges might be the only way you remember the day after you have had ‘a few’ to drink. Celebrate your 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, THE BIG 5-0, and many more with one of our treasure hunts of Newcastle.

Looking for a hunt that is a little tamer, not interested in the unit count, that’s not a problem, we can remove the alcohol questions for you!

Retirement Party

Your not someone who is happy with a table of sandwiches, a small selection of crisps, that banner with ‘we will miss you’ on it, want to leave in style, to be remembered as the person that had that retirement party, well we are here to help. Newcastle is a great place to have your retirement party, have your soon to be old work colleges running the streets looking for clues and taking photos to complete our photo challenges. Have the retirement party to remember, and the good thing is you’ll enjoy it more knowing that they will all have to return to the office after some of those photo challenges.

Want to organize a treasure hunt for your retirement, or looking to organize a party for some one retiring then please contact us for your retirement Newcastle treasure hunt.

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