Looking for stag idea for something to do for the best stag do? Well you have come to the right place. We create treasure hunts for all occasions, and will provide you with something to do on your stag do. You might be looking for something to do for a few hours before the big night out, or as a main event for the day, this hunt will keep you busy. Why not fill a few hours during the day with our stag hunt, you will get a unique view of your chosen location and you can scout out the bars for the evening. If the hunt is the main event, there might be a few bars that are clues and you will walk past a few, if not into a couple, or a few, that’s up to you.

Advantages of our stag hunts:

  • No fixed route – You are free to start and finish where you like.
  • Designed to last between 1 and 3 hours – You choose the length of the hunt.
  • More clues than time available – highly competitive.
  • Written for this location – Great way to see the sights.
  • Personalised at no extra charge – with name, tasks and photos.

What’s included in the stag Hunt:

  • Personalised front cover – Name and Photo of the stag.
  • location specific stag hunt – Mix of questions and photo challenges for the chosen location.
  • Non location specific stag Photo Assignments – some photo memories for you.
  • Stag shopping list – items to collect on your hunt for extra points.
  • Word quiz – challenging word fun.
  • PLUS any extra challenges that you wish for us to include.

Package options:

  • Ready Printed Stag Treasure Hunts.

We will do the printing for you! This package includes two bound paper question packs printed on blue paper, different colours optional, running instructions, and answers sealed in an envelope (meaning that the organiser can take part as well). For larger groups there is the option of additional packs. This price is inclusive of all printing, packaging, and postage.

  • Event Managed Printed Events

Want us to come along to your treasure hunt, make sure that the day is running smoothly. We can provide a briefing before you set off on your treasure hunt, as well as a group marking session at the end. Also available are digital cameras for use with your treasure hunt. As with the printed option all packs came in a bound holder on pink paper, other colour options are available. For your event to be fully managed by a member of our team please contact us for pricing in your chosen location.

  • Self Printed (PDF) Stag Treasure Hunts:

If you would prefer to print the packs yourself, or if there is not enough time for us to post the packs out to you before your event then you can purchase your treasure hunt in PDF form. With this package we will email you a PDF (Please note: All files will be in PDF format, this is because the treasure hunt is too large to be sent as a word document.) of your fully personalised treasure hunt, PDF answers and the running instructions. We advise that you have an envelope ready for the answers to go in after printing, no peeking at them before the event!

Please bare in mind that you will have to print off us to 50 pages for a two team package and all the pages are in full colour so you will need to have plenty of ink and paper at the ready. This option is great if you have a budget or a larger number of teams, remember you can print as many team copies of the treasure hunt as you like.

What is included in the stag hunt?

Each of our treasure hunts is costumed to your needs, they can be customised with your logo and company name.

  • Location based Questions – The bulk of the treasure hunt is made up of location based questions for the team to find the photo clue and answer the relevant question. There is no need for prier knowledge of Newcastle, in most cases it wouldn’t help anyway, all the answers that you need can be found in the city centre.
  • Location based photo challenges  The treasure hunt also includes location based photo challenges, your team will have fun working out where the clue is and completing the challenge.
  • Other photo challenges – Not all the photo challenges are location based, the team will have to use their imagination on some of the challenge. Some of the challenges will also involve members of the public.
  • Shopping list – A list of items for the teams to find whilst they are on the hunt. These items will not need to be purchased if you use your imagination.
  • Word Quiz A word puzzle for the team to work out whilst on the hunt, these clues will keep you guessing during the whole hunt. Can’t work it out, you will have to wait till the marking session to get the answers.

I want to know more…

If you would like more information on our Newcastle treasure hunt then please feel free to contact us below. We are here to answer any questions you might have. If you have decided that Newcastle is the place for you then you can email to book.

Some of the information you might want to include in your enquiry or booking is listed below, don’t worry if you haven’t got all the information at this time, anything you give will help us with your hunt.

  • Group size.
  • Dates that you are wishing to do the hunt.
  • The type of pack you wish to have.
  • Please contact us on enquiry@henhunt.co.uk, or click the link below.