Planning a hen party: the basics

Hen party planning is important because a great hen party doesn’t just happen! A great hen party requires careful planning and preparation and with Hen parties getting bigger and better all the time and Hen weekends fast becoming the norm for a pre-wedding girls celebration careful planning has never been more important. […]

Planning a hen party: some things to consider

If your friend or sister has chosen you to be her Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid congratulations this is a huge honour. One of your responsibilities will be planning the hen party and this is quite a task, as great hen parties don’t just happen they require careful planning […]

Hen Party Dares list – Included in the Hen Party treasure hunt

A hen party dares list is already built into our hen party treasure hunts, we have a number of items for you to collect and some daring photo assignments to complete. If you would like to add some dares of your own to our hen party dares list no problem […]

The Chief Bridesmaid: My duties, roles and responsibilities

Congratulations, your best friend has bestowed quite an honour on you asking you to be her Chief Bridesmaid. The Chief Bridesmaid, is traditionally known as the Maid of Honour (if unmarried) or Matron of Honour (if married). The Chief Bridesmaid’s role and importance in the wedding party essentially mirrors that of […]

Hen party games – Hen Shopping List

This Hen party game comes as part of the hen hunt and our Hen shopping list is all about using you charm and charisma to acquire certain items whilst out on the hunt. You do not need any money to complete the list, it will be down to your interpretation […]