Liverpool treasure hunt

Looking for a Liverpool treasure hunt?…Our Liverpool treasure hunt is suitable for all occasions, Stag and hen parties,freshers week, school trips, school or college re-unions etc.

The Liverpool treasure hunt is:

  • Written with no fixed route – start and finish where you choose
  • Designed to be 1-3 hours of fun – start and finish when you want
  • More clues than time available – highly competitive
  • Written specifically for your chosen location – a great way to see the sights
  • Personalized at no extra charge – with name, tasks and photos
  • Great Value for money – entertainment in Liverpool

Our Liverpool treasure hunts include:

  • Clues and tasks for your specified area
  • A fun “shopping list” (no money required)
  • A word quiz
  • Fun photo tasks

All you need to supply are your teams and their cameras…

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If you are visiting Liverpool with a night out planned, the Liverpool treasure hunt is a great way of getting to know your way around and for spotting all the bars, clubs and restaurants around too. If you are organising fresher’s week then the Liverpool treasure hunt is great for student orientation. If you are here on a school or college reunion then you and your friends will probably discover things, you walked straight past before without even noticing! All our DIY Liverpool treasure hunt packs can be printed with a logo or party name on request for no extra charge.

The Liverpool treasure hunt will have your teams literally dashing around Liverpool town centre and in and out of a few pubs too, in order to answer questions, fulfil photo assignments and collect the shopping list items. Our Liverpool treasure hunts are not for the faint hearted as you will need to chat up the locals in order to collect some of the shopping list items and you will definitely need their cooperation for some of the photo tasks too; but don’t worry, we won’t ask you do anything distasteful or sleazy. Looking for an alcohol free treasure hunt, or child friendly treasure hunt? No problem we can arrange this for you too.

So if you are looking for the best Liverpool treasure hunt then look no further, you have found it!

To see all that Liverpool has to offer, book your DIY Liverpool treasure hunt now.

What do you get in your Liverpool DIY treasure hunt pack?

Your Liverpool treasure hunt is offered with optional personalization at no extra charge (we will need some inside info and photos of your party before we can personalize your treasure hunt) and contains the clues and other tasks (photo challenges, shopping list, word game) one pack per team, the answers and some suggestions on how to run your Liverpool treasure hunt event.

Have some particular tasks you would like us to include? That’s great! Because we offer a fully personalized treasure hunt service, just send them to us and we will be happy to include them in your Liverpool treasure hunt pack.

Once you have your Liverpool treasure hunt packs all you need to supply are the participants, their cameras and pens.

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