A personalised treasure hunt service.

Choose a henhunt DIY treasure hunt, from over 100 locations across the UK and Europe. Suitable for all occasions, Stag and hen parties, Birthdays, freshers week, school or college re-unions etc.

Treasure hunt fun

A Henhunt treasure hunt is a fun activity for any social get-together or day out – especially if you are on a limited budget.

A competitive treasure hunt

Compete against the other teams to see who works out the best route, collects the most shopping list items, solve the most clues and take the best photos whilst discovering the hidden treasures of your chosen treasure hunt venue.

A treasure hunt where you can enjoy the key city sights and more

A henhunt is perfect for all groups – from first-time visitors to locals and frequent visitors.
If you’re local,  a henhunt will open your eyes to the hidden treasure of your town that you have probably walked past without noticing.
If you’re visiting, it’s a chance to see famous landmarks, interact with the locals, absorb the atmosphere, culture and history, plus you will also have the opportunity to suss out a few venues for your evening’s entertainment.

A Henhunt treasure hunt that lets you choose your own pace

You choose how long you want to spend on your treasure hunt depending on your group and the rest of your schedule. A henhunt is designed to last 2 – 3 hours but if you want the fun to last longer then why not arrange to meet up for lunch then you can continue the hunt in the afternoon.

A treasure hunt you can adapt to suit your group

Unlike other hunts our format does not force you to start at a given point and follow other teams like sheep to the end! When we write a treasure hunt the clues are not in any order and there is no fixed route, so you will avoid the inevitable bottleneck of teams at the same place at the same time, which occurs on fixed route treasure hunts
With a henhunt you have the flexibility to start together wherever you choose and agree when and where you’ll finish. The clues can be tackled in any order and there are always more clues than time available making a henhunt highly competitive.

A treasure hunt with something for everyone

A treasure hunt is only as good as its clues and our experience tells us that complicated cryptic clues are not everyone’s cup of tea. A successful treasure hunt is one that is written by experienced treasure hunt writers who know what works and what doesn’t and here at henhunt we have years of experience. We wouldn’t dream of setting a route for you to follow as this not only insults your intelligence but it is dull and boring.

You deserve the best and the best treasure hunt is one that gets everyone involved through clues that require a mix of skills, knowledge and creativity to solve. This Is why our treasure hunt format includes questions, photo assignments, a scavenger list and a word quiz.

A treasure hunt that’s personalised

A henhunt treasure hunt can be fully personalised, we are not limiting you to a couple of lines of text, we will include whatever you ask us to, including photos of your stag, or hen, and any specific tasks you have in mind, how about taking specific photos or scavenging certain items relevant to your group or to an individual such as a hen or stag? . This service is free so don’t forget to send us your personalisation information when you order your treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt that’s easy to run

We provide all the support materials you need to run your henhunt treasure hunt yourself. However if you would prefer to have us run your treasure hunt for you just let us know before you buy.

A treasure hunt backed by quality service and support

Should you have any queries or need advice about a treasure hunt or treasure hunt destination, Jo at henhunt is only an email away.

Our DIY treasure hunts are ready to go. How about you?

To order your DIY treasure hunt:-
Contact Henhunt.co.uk.

Or email Jo@henhunt.co.uk

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