21st Birthday treasure hunt

Derby is situated in the middle of England, and dates back to the Romans. The city can boast being the birth place of the industrial revolution, leaving its mark on world history. It is also home to aero engineers Rolls-Royce since 1907, train makers Bombardier and, less well known, a company called Hen Hunt. Being the cross roads of the country and a meeting place for the olden days and today, Derby is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the UK.


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1 - 3 hours.

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ages and abilities.

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Your hunt YOUR way!

We provide personalisation on your hunt at no extra cost, we are able to add custom...

Name and Photos

Personalised front cover as well as header with name, location, and date for each page. paper based hunts can include your photos (see sample for details).

Additional Information

Personalised photo challenges and add extra challenges or additional information (i.e. start/finish points or meet ups)? We can do that for you.


Add that extra level of personalisation with custom theming for you hunt , see our 'Sample Hunts' page for some inspiration.

Points Builder

Our hunts are made up of four main sections, to maximise points scoring and to utilise the skills of the whole team…

Location based questions

Photo challenges

Shopping list

Word quiz

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Event Managed Derby Hunts*

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*For up to a 4 pack hunt, extra costs may be applied for additional packs.

Catering to your event...

Yes we are called Hen Hunt, but we can do more. click the links to find out how we can make your event work for you.

Location based hunts...

We write hunts for your chosen location, all the clues and answers can be found within the location, no previous knowledge or research required (sometimes it helps to know less)

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