Looking for a fantastic idea for something to do in Farnham for your Hen party? Well you have come to the right place. We create treasure hunts for all occasions, and will help you to make your hen party one to remember. You might be looking for something to do for a few hours before the big night out, or as a main event for the day, this hunt will keep you busy. Why not fill a few hours during the day with our Farnham hen hunt, you will get a unique view of the local area and you can scout out the bars for the evening. If the hunt is the main event, there might be a few bars that are clues and you will walk past a few, if not into a couple, or a few, that’s up to you.

About Farnham:

The Farnham hunt will have your teams literally dashing around the city centre and in and out of a few pubs and cafes too, in order to answer questions, fulfil photo assignments and collect the shopping list items. The hunt is not for the faint hearted as you will need to chat to the locals in order to collect some of the shopping list items and you will definitely need their cooperation for some of the photo tasks too; but don’t worry, we won’t ask you do anything distasteful or sleazy.

About the hen hunt:

  • No fixed route: You are free to start and finish where you like.
  • Designed to last between 1 and 3 hours: You choose the length of the hunt.
  • More clues than time available: Highly competitive.
  • Written for this location: Great way to see the sights.
  • Personalised at no extra charge: Add name, tasks and photos.
  • Great value for money: Prices start from £59.99.

What’s included in the hen hunt:

  • Personalised Front cover: Name and photo of the hen on the front cover. Want us to add another message, just ask. Also throughout the hunt there will be hen photos in the headers of each of the question pages. Instruction page and scoring page: Instructions on what you are doing, where to meet back and what time for the marking. Also outlined are the scores and rules, so if you have forgotten the briefing you can check during the hunt.
  • Location based Questions: The bulk of hen hunt is made up of location based questions for the team to find the photo clue and answer the relevant question. There is no need for prior knowledge of the location, in most cases it wouldn’t help anyway, all the answers that you need can be found.
  • Location based photo challenges: The hen hunt also includes location based photo challenges, your team will have fun working out where the clue is and completing the challenge.
  • Other photo challenges: Not all the photo challenges are location based, the team will have to use their imagination on some of the challenge. Some of the challenges will also involve members of the public. A fantastic opportunity to have some crazy photo keepsakes of the event.
  • Shopping list: A list of items for the teams to find whilst they are on the hen hunt. These items will not need to be purchased if you use your imagination.
  • Word Quiz: A word puzzle for the team to work out whilst on the hen hunt, these clues will keep you guessing during the whole hunt. Can’t work it out, you will have to wait till the marking session to get the answers.
  • Extra challenges: Wanting to add other challenges to the hunt, let us know and so long as it’s legal and appropriate we can include it in the hunt for you.

Alcohol free hunts:

Looking for your hunt to be alcohol free, that’s not a problem, just let us know and we will be willing to build a bar and pub free hunt for your occasion. Looking to do a hunt with a youth group then we can do that for you too. We have made hunts for school days out, University fresher’s weeks, Scout groups and other youth groups.

Examples of the hen hunt:

If you wish to see an example of what the hunt will look like please use the link ‘Sample Hunts’ or click here.

Package options.

Below is a summary of the most popular package options that we provide For more information and the full range of options as well as a detailed breakdown of the package options, and the prices list, see the ‘Package Options’ Link or click here.

  • Ready Printed Hen Hunts: We will do the printing for you! This package includes two bound paper question packs printed on pink paper, different colours optional, running instructions and answers sealed in an envelope (meaning that the organiser can take part as well). For larger groups there is the option of additional packs. This price is inclusive of all printing, packaging, and postage.
  • Self Printed (PDF) Hen Hunts: If you would prefer to print the packs yourself, or if there is not enough time for us to post the packs out to you before your event then you can purchase your hunt in PDF form. With this package we will email you a PDF of your fully personalised hunt, PDF answers and the running instructions.
  • Event Managed Printed Events: Want us to come along to your treasure hunt, make sure that the day is running smoothly. We can provide a briefing before you set off on your treasure hunt, as well as a group marking session at the end. Also available are digital cameras for use with your treasure hunt.

Looking for other events:

Although this is hen hunt we can provide hunts for other events, below is a list of other events we can provide:

  • Corporate: If you’re looking for the perfect team building activity then a treasure hunt is a great solution. Working as a team you will have to work out the best route to gain the most points, there are tasks that work on problem solving, and the team will need to interact with the public. If you want more information on your treasure hunt corporate event please use the link ‘Corporate’ on the main menu, or click here.
  • Stag Hunts: Need an activity to do on your stag do. You might need to fill a few hours in the day before the drinking starts, why not have fun and scout the local bars with one of our treasure hunts. If you would like to take part in one of our treasure hunts for your stag then please click here.
  • Special Occasion Hunts: Want to mark a special day with a treasure hunt, it might be an anniversary, birthday party, retirement party, then we have you covered, it doesn’t matter how many years you have under your belt, this will be a day to remember. For more information please click here
  • Day Trips Out: Are you just looking for something to do on a day trip out; well we can cover that for you too. We feel we have covered most areas well with one of our hunts, and so it is the perfect way of seeing the sights, and having some fun too. For more information on trips out please click here.

I want to know more…

If you would like more information on our Farnham hen hunt then please feel free to contact us below. We are here to answer any questions you might have. If you have decided that Farnham is the place for you then you can email to book.

Please contact us on enquiry@henhunt.co.uk, or click the link below.


Some of the information you might want to include in your enquiry or booking is listed below, don’t worry if you haven’t got all the information at this time, anything you give will help us with your hunt.

  • Location: Farnham.
  • Group size.
  • Dates that you are wishing to do the hunt.
  • The type of pack you wish to have.

Most popular destinations:

Brighton           Dublin           Edinburgh

See the full list of destinations by clicking here.