Personalised front cover: Your hunt location, and photo of the hen for the front cover of your keepsake hunt. If there more details you would like adding please let us know.

Instruction Page: A brief overview of how the hunt works, some instructions and rules, and the points so you know what each question is worth.

The Main Hunt: Location based questions and photo challenges for you to complete. All the questions are based on your chosen location, for example ‘In what year was this church built?’, all the answers are out there to be found.

Hen Photo Challenges: Photo based challenges for the teams to complete, these are fun photos for you to look back on after the event. This is where the personalised information is used for custom questions.

Challenge for the Hen: Optional extra challenge for the hen, make them work for their points with this fun challenge. Have a challenge of your own, let us know.

Word Quiz: Test your brains with our fun word quiz, you’ll be begging for the answers before long.

Also included.

Full Running Instructions: On all self managed hunts there is a full set of running instructions so you know what you are doing. Your party will need to nominate a event organiser, it will be their job to make sure everyone knows the rules.

Answers: These are always helpful, on all the self managed hunts the answers are included in a sealed envelope, this means the event organiser can also take part in the hunt.