Our classic treasure hunt hits the binary. Save paper and go digital. Custom made by us to host our hunt and available on any smartphone or tablet via a weblink. Connect to the internet once to start and your free to go.

There are a few differences between our e-Hunts and regular (paper) hunts so here what to expect:

TAB 1: Location based questions

All our hunts are made up of location based questions, designed for your chosen location. All the answers to the questions can be found on plaques, information boards, and signs, we might ask you to look for a date on a building, or a name on the notice board, or even count the amount of barrels on a pub sign. No previous knowledge or research is needed, trust us!

EXTRA: GPS Questions:

Some questions and photo challenges can be locked using GPS, so you would need to get tothe location in order to answer the question, You don’t get that on a paper hunt!

TAB 1: Photo Challenges

Get stuck in to our photo challenges, some are location based so we might be asking you to take a photo with a statue or landmark. Others are generic so get yourself on that tab and start clicking your fun keep-sake photos from the day. Remember they are all worth lots of points.

TAB 2: Shopping List

Its not just about the looking for clues and locations, we have put together a shopping list of items for you to find to bring back to your final scores and gain extra points. this items can be themed for the location or the event, but they definitely will be random!

TAB 3: Word Quiz

As if there weren’t enough for you to do! we have thrown in a word quiz to get the brain working and gain those extra few points that could make the difference between winning and (well)taking part.

  • Book your hunt
  • We send you a unique code to access YOUR hunt on the day of your event. The hunt loads through a web browser, so can be accessed on most smart phones or tablets.
  • Off you go!

Advantages of e-Hunts

We have loads to shout about so here goes:

Disadvantages of e-Hunts

So there may be a few ‘disadvantages’ to our e-hunt, we are just trying to be honest: