Self Printed Hunts

ONLY £59.99*

Self printed hunts are the perfect hunt option for you and your event if you are working on a budget or have come across us close to the date of your event and postage would be an issue. When you book a self printed hunt from Hen Hunt you will receive the same personalised hunt we would print to send out, the only difference is you will then have to print it yourself.

The hunt is still fully personalised with the photos and information that you send us. With this package we will email you a PDF (Please note: All files will be in PDF format, this is because the hunt is too large to be sent as a word document.) of your fully personalised hunt, PDF answers and the running instructions. We advise that you have an envelope ready for the answers to go in after printing, no peeking at them before the event!

Please bare in mind that you will have to print off up to 50 pages for a two team package and all the pages are in full colour so you will need to have plenty of ink and paper at the ready. This option is great if you have a budget or a larger number of teams, remember you can print as many team copies of the hunt as you like.

* This price is for pre-existing locations, additional charges can be made for new hunt locations, all prices are agreed in advance of the invoice.

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What will be sent to me..?

  • PDF copy of your hunt, the main section of the hunt is location based (hopefully the location you will be doing the hunt in), as well as shopping list, word quiz and personalised photo tasks based on the information you send. The hunt will also include your photos.
  • PDF Copy of the front cover for your hunt, personalised with you photo, name and location.
  • PDF copy of the answers, always helpful, the answers is the same as the hunt copy just with the answers.
  • Running instructions, a quick start guide to the best way to run your event.

Pro's and Con's of Self Printed Hunts

Not many places will tell you the negatives of an option they are selling but here at Hen Hunt we like to make sure that it is clear what you are signing up for, so here goes. Anyway, we hope that the positives will outweigh the negatives…




Just a few of the answers to questions we have been asked in the past about our self print hunt option, hope this helps…

Your hunt, front cover, answers and a set of running instructions are sent to you via email.

PLEASE NOTE: All the hunts and documents are set as PDF documents.

Each teams hunt consists of between 12 and 15 pages depending on the location and personalisation.

The answers are the same size as the hunt, then there's the running instructions (2 pages). Most of the pages to print have colour images.

We would recommend picking a nice quality paper for printing your hunt.

Using 120gsm paper will help when trying to write answers, or the use of a clipboard, up to you!